The CANAMEX project is not defined by a single entity. It is a coalition of agreements, legislation and planning for the future that has made it possible to create an advanced trade corridor which has huge potential to achieve many objectives for the individual States and their inhabitants, and the Federal treasury.

Thgere has been massive growth in the transport industry but little in the way of infrastructure improvements. The CANAMEX Trade Corridor is a major step foward in creating an environment whereby long distance trade can take place much more efficiently and simultaneously present extremely viable oopportunities for growth and the regeneration of rural areas in the region through which the route passes.

Many areas have suffered from a technology vacuum in recent years; the creation of a superhighway for vehicles, goes hand in hand with creating a parallel information superhighway which is an integral and prominent feature of the CANAMEX route. The ability for tourism to expand and offer a better experience for travelers; for trucking companies to maximmize their use of what are diminishing  and ever more expensive reserves of fossil fuels. The upgrade in trucking weights alone woudl save the US economy a staggering amount of money, measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars.