CANAMEX Corridor Publications

CANAMEX Corridor Overview (February 2007)
Corridor Progress Report (2005)
Logistics Capacity Study of the Guaymas-Tucson Corridor
Final Report
Appendix A - Original Proposal
Appendix B - Review of Studies
Appendix C - Studies Matrix
Appendix D - Process Map
Appendix E - Corridor Infrastructure
Appendix F - Estimation of Capacity
Appendix G - Visits Matrix
Appendix H - Mariposa Port of Entry Simulation
Appendix I - Port of Guaymas Simulation
Appendix J - Letter from Donna de la Torre
Smart Tourist Corridor Plan (2004)
Governor’s CANAMEX Task Force One-Pager (2003)
CANAMEX Congressional Listing (2003/2004)
The Smart Tourist Corridor (2003)
Safety and Security Issues (2003)
Cyberport Executive Report (2003)
Cyberport Brochure (2003)
CANAMEX Corridor Plan (2001)
Workpaper 1: Existing Infrastructure
Workpaper 2: Individual State Outreach Plan (Internal Document)
Workpaper 3: Transportation Strategies
Workpaper 4: Emerging Technologies
Workpaper 5: Funding Sources
Workpaper 6: Environmental/International Issues